an online surf shop made easy for beginners

4 basic necessities - board, leg rope, wetsuit & etiquette

soft board

with a range of the best soft boards on the market available, Gboards are the most reputable in the business. with nearly two decades of innovation, their designs and products will out last and out surf all the imitators on the market. these boards are foam with plastic fins, and they're easy to ride. this makes Gboards awesome for beginners. 
surfboards, big wide and buoyant. the bigger the board the easier it is.
kids age 3 to board size = 6 – 6’6
ages 7 to 10  board size = 7’0
ages 10 to 14 board size =7’6
age 14+ board size =  8’0
leg ropes

leg ropes/leashes are a must for surfing. not only does it keep you attached to your board at all times, but  it also protects other surfers and swimmers from potential dangers. no one likes to swim after their board, when they wipeout without a leg rope


wetsuits keep you warm, protect you from the sun and also keep you looking cool.

with a range of Quiksilver basic suits the water will feel warm.